Sorry you've never seen me this way
so sit down hold tight and stare at my face
there's no other choice its one rule that I just made
I know you hate games
That's too bad cause I'm ready to play

Pick a color
Choose a shape
Place your bets
State your case
Roll the dice
Connect the dots
Even try to read my thoughts-

Excuse me if you leave I win in the end
by default that makes you the winner my friend

On your mark
Get set and go
Ring-a-round your logic goes
Use your head Simon says
Mother may I play instead?

My mama told me long ago to pick the best one that I know
and if he hollers let him go.

Hide and seek
Ready or not here I come
Count to ten
Time is up Game's over
The end

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Artist: Tumble
License: Creative Commons: Attribution Share Alike


Gus Austin/Stacy Wray