Stacy Wray and Gus Austin are Tumble.

Stacy is a southerner and poet, at heart, from Virginia whose lost her accent, although she can find it again after a few cocktails. Often inspired by the purely random, Stacy can create the thick, quirky atmosphere of "swanlight" through the context of her favorite "Goodnight Chair." She can paint the portrait of someone on the fragile edge of their emotional tether in "Can't Stop Freezing," or convey the creepiness of grandmothers in "Appleface Magnet".

Gus is through and through a New Englander from Boston, still dreaming of a Red Sox victory and the ultimate light show to back their performances. He has a knack for encapsulating the emotional dissonance Stacy writes about in just a few soulful chords on his amber guitar.

Tumble spent four years in Seattle searching for their niche in between post-grunge rock and neo-geek pop. In 1998, they recorded and co-produced their debut album Gravity on their own label PepperAlley Records. After years of enduring rain, mold and complaints about those damn Californians taking over the wild Pacific Northwest, it was time for a warm change and a new millennium. And so, it was time to become a damn Californian. Stacy and Gus moved to Los Angeles in the spring of 2000.

In 2004, Tumble released their EP Sleeping Makes You Stronger on PepperAlley Records. They currently perform at very intimate venues around Los Angeles, and are busy writing music for placement in independent films. When not doggedly writing music (haha), Stacy cooks some mean Thai food and Gus designs websites for the film industry and for some of LA's foremost eclectic musicians.

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